Getting things done, home version

I’ve been in this new place in Palo Alto for almost 5 weeks, but I had tons of unpacking to do.
My office, for example, was a forest of boxes and alarming bags of…stuff.
So, tonight I took a deep breath and dove in.
8 boxes and 3 hours later, I have an almost-clean and neat office, a new and refreshing (paper) filing system, neatly shelved books, and an emerging sense of order.
Even better, I have a plan that will take the 6 boxes of can’t use it right now stuff out of the living room and stash them away, unseen.
Boy, this feels good.
I also unpacked the last vestiges of stuff in the bedroom, pulled out the pictures that are ready to hang and cleaned out my jewelry box.
Nothing like claiming your space…even with all the work I have to finish, this is so worth it.

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  1. Pamela Parker Caird says:

    Congrats, Susan. It makes such a difference to be working in an organized space — it’s a good investment of time! Hope you’re settling into San Jose well. Looks like we are going to stick around the E. Bay. We’ve got a move ahead of us soon, too. Take care and hope to see you soon.

  2. Little Judy says:

    Oh, I am so feeling you, Susan!
    I just moved, too…am down to four boxes at home (admittedly, I had help). They also shuffled cubicles at work at the same time as my home move so I found myself packing and unpacking in two environments!
    But, ah, isn’t it lovely when it’s all organized and new?
    Much luck in your new digs!

  3. John Furrier says:

    Let get together sometime I’m right down the street in PA. John

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