Guardian UK: NY with only a blog guide

The Guardian UK isn’t writing about Brit ex-pat Nick(Lord) Denton-no, instead its bloggerati story involves sending a clever young thang over the NY to make his way with only a Crackberry, Nokia, and a list of blogs.
Who’s home in young Mike’s neighborhood?
Hipster Tien Mao, pizza guy Adam K, Bloggies nominee Manhattan Transfer, foodie Vittles Vamp, Chinese food expert Gainjin Girl, and others, including Steve Rubel.
All leading the way to yummy food and drink.
Such a sweet little list tempts me to wonder about some alternative universes of blogging.
What if Mike’s listings had led him to polyamorous Dacia, Jefferson, Colton, and the rest of their infamous gang of New Yorkers?(Note: these are over-18 blogs, folks)
Or to Fred Wilson, Gotham Gal and their three kids?
Or…The mind bloggles–and that’s one of the things I love about blogging.