In Seoul, Asiana rocks

Flew to Seoul last night and found myself wishing United could be more like affiliate airline Asiana.
Let’s see, the seats were farther apart, the blankets and pillows were better, the airplane was more spacious and I ended up sleeping for most of the night–which didn’t happen the last time I braved a redeye in the US.
Also appreciated the Korean dinner of small protein and lots of veggies, the stretching exercises on the video, and the ‘hey-it’s-morning’ birthday party and magic show the crew conducted for passengers–which somehow led to a gaggle of little kids clutching flowers made out of balloons and adults holding gift bottles of wine.
At first glance, Seoul looks like LA, New York, and a bit of Honolulu–high rise sprawl, tropical foliage(okay, NY doesn’t have that) and lots o people (thought it’s pretty quiet at 6 am on Sunday, which is when I rolled in.)
Heading over to the conference in a couple of hours after a quick nap…I want to go explore right now, but my eyes are crossing.