Jason Shellen: Google’s good communicator

Jason Shellen writes: “I don’t blog much these days because I’m extremely busy working on a new initiative at Google and while I might feel that I have something to add to the conversation, I am not a full time communications, marketing or PR professional. I’m certainly not afraid of or restricted from blogging. At the end of the day there are products to manage, calls to make, meetings to attend, and on top of that a growing family at home.”
Jason’s post is cool because he sees himself as part of a networked, blogging community, as well as as a Google-ite.
He recognizes others look for his voice and is taking the time to explain what’s up.
How many journalists, editors, or marketers focused on similar consumer audiences have this direct a relationship with their community?
This is what the new transparency is about–clear, two-way communication.