Krishna Bharat: Time out to gush

I know I should be amazingly cool and pretend that it didn’t give me a total thrill to meet Google’s Krishna Bharat, but that would be a lie. Meeting Krishna and chatting with him will definitely be one of the high points of the trip (another might be sitting cross-legged in the Korean Folk Village eating kim chee and ribs with Rich Skrenta and his wife–nothing like travelling 6,000 miles to dine with your neighbor from California).
Anyway, Bharat is smart, refreshingly low-key and very passionate about Google News and the service’s committment to provide multiple viewpoints on an event via story clusters.
Chatting, Skrenta asked Bharat if they had any plans to index more video. Bharat said no, but pointed out that Google News is indexing some podcasts (?)–or at least the text transcripts that link to podcasts (think NPR). Currently based in Bangalore, Bharat still oversees Google News, but has also been hiring for a small Google engineering office in Bangalore.