Listening to Shelley

Shelley Powers just blew me away with a long post that talks about BlogHer, women claiming power, and recoginzing diverse voices as unique–and more importantly, as people to listen to.
She writes: “It’s just that a certain class of weblogger (white, male, Western, educated, charismatic, pugnacious) has defined the ‘winning’ behavior in weblogging and what must be done to ‘earn’ a link, and this is what we need to change, if change it we can. We have to start valuing the poet, the teenage girl, the middle aged gardener, as much as we value the pundits, whether political or technological.”
Shelley, as you clearly recognize, the way to empower what you are describing is to practice it.
I believe strongly in actions, not words, so for me it’s about who I link to, who I recommend for things when asked, being open and seeking out new voices, not staying in a clubby zone. In other words, practicing my beliefs.
Your post makes me think about how we can work together to drive this kind of change, create a positive climate for the openess you describe.–That’s an age old question and one I have personally never learned the answer to, but welcome any thoughts…and hope to bring these questions into the Blogging 101 session at BlogHer on July 30th.
(Thanks, Julie)