More Noted: WEF Mobile

WEF weblog, round-up on news and mobile:
Park Chang-hee, General Manager of JoongAng Ilbo Strategic Planning: “…The demand for newspaper journalism will always exist but newspapers themselves need to be open to new technologies.”
Torry Pedersen, Online Editorial Director at VG Norway: “Mobile is replacing the internet as the medium of choice not only in receiving news, but in reporting it.”
Frode Ugland, Business Development, Mobile Operations, Telenor:” Younger generations are rarely paying for newspapers, but that they are used to paying for content through their mobile phone bill.”
Jim Chisholm, Future of the “Mobile technology provides the perfect medium for newspapers to expand their reach and increase revenue.” (Good examples, here).
Bonus links(tangentially related):
Overture, aka Yahoo Search Services, to provide paid-search for Yahoo’s WAP portal–how about local mobile search? (Via Mobile Technology Weblog)
Reuters reports that consultancy TMNG Marketing’s latest study says 13-24 year olds are most interested (read likely to pay for) commercial-free radio over mobile phones and the ability to download music to phones. But you knew that, right? (Via The Feature)