Peterme: “Snapfish, Ofoto, and Shutterfly have been playing a sucker’s game, trying to generate revenue from prints of digital images.”
CNN: Yahoo! sued over woman’s nude photos, profile. (Via Corante)
Hollywood Reporter on ABC’s plans to cover the Indy 500: “ABC Sports will deploy more than 70 broadcast cameras around the 2.5-mile track, including a camera on the same type of 87-foot Strada crane used to film 1997’s “Titanic,” 15 robotic cameras to cover the action on the track and in the pits and up to 36 wireless cameras on board 12 different cars.” (Via Parekh and Bergman)
Sally Falkow: “We had a number of clients interested in RSS feeds this week–a visitor and convention center, a major software company, a national park.”
Jane Genova on the ‘I’d rather be blogging syndrome’: “… it takes a recovering sufferer of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and, yes, Zoloft does the trick for moi in taming this disorder) to recognize how seductive grassroots media is. Both producing it and consuming it.