Sunday in San Francisco–and dinner

Went to San Francisco this afternoon with my friend Deb.
She’s a massage therapist, originally from the country up in Oregon and doesn’t know the city well.
Before our play (matinee), I took her to the Ferry Building to see the Farmers’ Market and get some lunch.
It was a beautiful clear day, not a cloud in the sky, and we took our take out from The Slanted Door outside and ate as we sat on a bench:
Grilled lemongrass chicken sandwich
Fresh shrimp and pork spring rolls
Ginger tapioca with strawberries
A few yards away, some Chinese musicians played as droves of people walked by.
What a beautiful day!
And one of my favorite places in the city.
Now, back in Palo Alto and post walking the dog, I’m cooking Sunday dinner again, this time for a different friend:
Curried chicken with tomatoes, garlic, ginger
Saffron rice
Carrot and potato sambar/stew (courtesy of Trader Joe’s)
For dessert, carrot-red apricot/plums from the Farmer’s Market
Nice to finally feel comfortable in the new kitchen.