Syndicate in NY today

I’m gonna miss it, but the Syndicate conference is in NY today and looks good.
Conference planner and InfoWorld CTO Chad Dickerson writes:
“I don’t think it’s going to be difficult to get an interesting discussion going for either panel and while many of the usual suspects are involved in the conference as speakers and advisory board members, I think this conference will very deliberately reach outside of the blogging echo chamber. I agree with Stephen Baker of Business Week’s new Blogspotting blog when he writes: The knowledge gap between the blog world’s insiders and outsiders is wide enough for six lanes of Hummer traffic.. Scoble links to the BW post above and writes: I’m finding this too. When I talk with audiences I either find people who are very familiar with the blog world (if you know what Technorati is, for instance, you are probably one of those people), while most people just don’t know much about our little world at all. Hopefully this conference will help narrow that knowledge gap.”
Expect lots of blogosphere coverage and, hopefully, some interesting announcements.
Update: Newsgator buys feed demon. Om has it.