The (local) long tail: ABC, others launch local news network

Interesting MediaPost story on ABC and 147 other small news entities joining with broadband video platform. integrator service called WorldNow (‘Putting the growth back into local media‘) to create a local online advertising network.
The rolled-up sites reach 20 million unique users a month, definitely a competitive figure for ad sales.
Ad units include streaming video, rich media, banners, and skyscrapers; MasterCard, Delta Airlines, Verizon, and Vonage have signed up.
This catches my attention for a couple of reasons:
–Streaming video ads–and ads in video bumpers–are the coming thing, IMHO.
–It’s a local play going after national advertisers–this is always hard to do, but has great value for smart advertisers.
–The basis of the content is multimedia/video, delivered via the web.
The potential to build out from this type of network, assuming it works on the revenue site, is very appealing.