Ventura County Star: Newspaper site reinstates comments

Problem solved, we hope: The Ventura County Star, one of the country’s more innovative local web sites (okay, newspaper based-web site) removed comments from articles and blog posts a few days ago, due to out of control flaming and hate speak.
As of today, comments are reinstated, with a new policy that says:”All comments are routed through our online registration system. A script attaches the registered name to the comment. It also allows us to identify the email address that was used in registration. (And thanks to our friends at our sister newspaper Naples Daily News for doing this for us.)

That allows us to contact via email anyone who files objectionable comments. If they persist, we can block their registration in addition to blocking their IP address.”
There’s more, but this is a great example of addressing a problem and moving on.
And of having the courage of your convictions.
And convictions, period.

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