WEF preview: Dan Gillmor’s keynote

Dan Gillmor’s posted the speech he is giving later today at the World Editor’s Forum in Seoul (hey , it’s 6am, Monday,here in Korea).
some points from the whole:
And just as we should listen to the voices from the edges of networks, the citizen journalists — people who are doing journalistic work — would do well to listen to the people who do it for a living. We professionals aren’t perfect, far from it, but we have learned a useful technique or two in the past century of this trade.”
Gillmor goes on to flag thoroughness, accuracy, fairness and transparency as key skills to value–and teach, and to conclude:
“Citizen journalists are not the enemies of professional journalists, though they will make us furious from time to time, especially when they criticize what we do. They are part of an emergent ecosystem.”
Bonus: Speaking about his new citizen journalism site, Bayosphere, Gillmor says “I will be a host, not the editor.”
More on this later today.