You are right, I was…wrong

Rethinking my quickness in posting a bunch of names for the AO/Technorati 100 earlier this week. Others have raised very valid thoughts about the self-congratuatory, same ol’ names flavor of some of the lists, mine included, and also questioned whether this is more than just PR.
Jeff Clavier has some very relevant points–as does Mary Hodder and Elisa Camahort(in Jeff’s comments).
Thanks for broadening my thinking, folks.
As Josh P says “Anyone who plays this game pretty much declares which side they are on.”
AOTechnorati100, OpenMedia100

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  1. mobile jones says:

    A shocking update to the whole AOTechnorati story. David Silfry deleted all of the negative comments from a variety of bloggers that were made on his original post about the idea. With that kind of openness and transparency, why would bloggers trust this guy?

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