Almost home: post trip (Asia) resolutions

Back in Korea for 24 hours and then heading home to California and right back to work.
This has been a great trip…I have met people from all over the world, benefited from some folks’ amazing generousity in time and spirit, and have learned so much–with still so much to learn.
And had so much fun!
Some post trip thoughts:

  • Learn some Mandarin–I want to return to China and have a better grasp of the language
  • Go back and visit Bejing, Nanjing and other areas–Shanghai is not typical, everyone says it is a showcase
  • Get to know Shanghai and the people there much better
  • Make an effort to understand the fascination hip hop culture has for young Chinese
  • Study and learn more about digital media in China and emerging business opportunities–this trip was a start, but only thanks to folks I met
  • Be a bridge between the US and China to the extent that is possible–I met so many interesting people and they want to connect more directly with the US–
  • Get into some of the less urban vacation areas…I’d like to visit the mountains and the beach, in particular

Back in Korea for a bit, I feel how different Seoul is from Shanghai–the business district where I am stayng (same as last time) has very little diversity–although many Koreans live and work here, the streets lack the startling contrasts of Shanghai–it feels much more like midtown Chicago or New York. At the same time, Seoul is also fascinating–and maybe a little less different and exotic in the end.
Of course, all this travel makes me want to go more places–I am curious now about how Bangalore might compare to Shanghai in terms of being a rapidly Westernizing area (Many of the wekk-educated young Shanghaienese I met live with their parents!)–and I realize that I could probably manage the more touristy areas of Thailand, Bali and everywhere else in Asia with little trouble–and plan carefully to cope with language barriers further afield.
If you’re heading to Shanghai and want tips, let me know…it is a great city.