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  1. Jackson West says:

    First off, thanks for blogging from abroad! It’s been great reading your observations.
    Interesting to me about those two links you put — WoW and unlicensed blogs. My friend Jason Schupp plays warcraft, and last week pointed me to a character that was in a guild (the characters align with groups in the game) called “GhettoFabulous.” Of course, not exactly subversive political discourse, but…
    At some point, people are going to start naming their characters “Chiang Kai Shek,” “Democracy,” “CommiesCorrupt,” “HuSux” etc. Are the makers of WoW going to be implicit in making sure these folks are censored? And the larger question — should American companies doing business in China be held responsible for enabling the government’s censorship?
    If, on the other hand, they could help foster communication (even through backdoors like WoW) it might be risky and threaten their ability to do business in the market in the short term, but in the long term help the digerati push reforms.
    Sorry, haven’t had any coffee yet if that’s all gibberish…

  2. susan mernit says:

    This is a great post–I wasn’t able to see comments while in china…

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