Microsoft: Longhorn support for RSS–and lists

Microsoft’s got a well-articulated developer’s document on RSS, and another on a simple RSS list feature. The spec has some fantastic features articulated, including adding enclosures in a way that, for examples, allows a user to publish a feed of their calendar with an enclosure that allows the calendar app to operate within the feed. Also, there’s a simple list spec that sounds very much like a product concept a friend and I wrote last summer–only this is Microsoft and they’re building it–Most importantly, the new list spec allows developers to embed additional data into list items (think about product specs, rankings, etc.) and permits multiple views of the same list (because of the new metadata, folks.) Susan sez: Can’t wait to see this one play out–the game has just changed, again.

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  1. rebron says:

    Not you too…

  2. susan mernit says:

    well, it’s well articulated..and they are a player…but I’m the wait and see type.

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