Microsoft: Seeking bloggers has a post from MSFT recruiting telecommuting bloggers to ‘moderate, write and produce blogs in five topic areas: television, music, technology, sports and fashion/food/style.” Time estimate is 15 hours a week, and the email goes to
Susan sez: This is a cheap and clever way for MSFT to fill out their content and build interactive community…Interested to see how it evolves and what placement these blogs get overall.

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  1. Gary Hodges says:

    Susan, I think you got this wrong, somewhat, its not recruitment of “telecommuting” bloggers and its for MSN, not MSFT(who are they?). They just want bloggers in the subjects you mentioned. I was trying to figure out what ‘telecommuting’ might have to do with TV, fashion(unless I want my car to look good) :) Anyway, These blogs will probably place high in the MSN search engines and like most of the WEB v.1 is going to take on the same old, biased, marketing oriented, spam riddled mass that is is. Here I thought WEB v.2, Blogging, might make a difference, am not so sure about that now?

  2. susan mernit says:

    Check the jon description on the jobs site and recongize these blogs will run on MSN and be a poart of their service.

  3. Gary Hodges says:

    I did check, and you might want to learn how to spell as well as focus more on what your going to comment on. Sorry, but your coming off as not very attentive.

  4. Rain says:

    Speaking of spelling, it’s “you’re” not “your.” Sheesh.
    As for the “jobs” I’d be really keen to know just what they’d be paying, as it seems like it would not be enough to have as one’s only source of income, but it also sounds like a lot to cover if you’re also dealing with a day job (and your own blog).

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