MIT Bloggers survey: 46 percent of the blogger respondents to a recent survey say they attract 25 or fewer visitors to their blogs on a typical day. 22 percent say they get between 26 and 100 readers on any given day. Less than 1 percent say they have 250 to 1,000 visitors per day. (Via Depraved Librarian)
Dave Pell: What kind of tabloid reader are you? (Compulsive, says Susan.)
Blogger gets photo hosting–cool!

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  1. Grace Lee says:

    Susan, thanks for the link to my post – I’m thrilled you’re reading me. And I love Shanghai.

  2. Gabe says:

    Short tabloid testimonial: all my life I’ve been completely, thoroughly uninterested in this nonsense.
    Until I discovered this savagely hilarious site!!!
    Now I’m much more up to speed on pop culture at the price of…3-5 20-second guffaws a day. Not a bad deal.

  3. susan mernit says:

    Gabe, I love The Superficial as well–have you see the Fugly site?

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