Paid Content: Engadget‘s publishing in Chinese. Calcanis is smart. (via Romensko) Jon Dube gets tapped for editorial director role–is anyone left at
E&P: SF Chronicle lost $62MM in 2004–wonder what they make from the web site?
WSJ, via Paid Content): AOL hype machine picks up for web launch; “AOL and affiliated sites get nearly as much traffic as Yahoo and its network but only take in $1 billion in ad revenues compared to while Yahoo’s take is close to three times as much. The development cost of the launch is estimated at $400-500 million.”

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  1. Jason says:

    you’re too kind ;-)

  2. Jackson West says:

    Good question about the ‘Gate, Susan. Call me a conspiracy theorist (and some have), but I remember during the baseball strike, the teams were complaining about losing money — when, in fact, the parent companies of many of said teams were making profits on parking, concessions, merchandise, etc. Basically, by splitting off profitable business (the Gate has been independent of the Chron for some time) under a broader parent company, you can make one business look like it’s tanking, when really you’re running it as a loss leader for your profit machines and coming out in the black at the end.
    PG&E also did this during the energy crisis, claiming bankruptcy while at the same time making huuuuuuge cash payments to their parent company. Though, at the time, they were trying to break the backs of ratepayers. In this case, I bet Hearst is using similar tactics to bust the union during the ongoing negotiations (union officials were allowed to go over the Chronicle’s books, and aggreed that they were losing money, but I doubt they got a chance to look at the entire Hearst balance sheet).
    Just my two cents. It’s a story I’m watching closely, natch.

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