Things I tell clients you might want to know

1. It’s not just main stream media and citizen/grassroots journalism–think about do it yourself media–the playlists, event blogs, yahoo groups, shared playlists, photo streams friends, family and unorganized communities create for one another–this is claiming a growing share of Americans’ attention–think of it as a throwback to the ’30s, when people sat around singing and telling stories for one other–only now we have digital tools to work with.
2. It’s about attention, not platform. People don’t say Hey, now I want to read a newspaper! Which one is it? –They want news and they go for the most immediate form–0ften web or cable TV. If you are an entertainment information brand, you are competing with brands you may never have considered–but they’ll cut into the time your product used to get.
3. Don’t overvalue your product online. There’s a huge chasm between good and good enough that self-absorbed brands can fall into. If you think making your audience sign up or subscribe as a means to get them to use some cool tool or read some neat content, forget it–they won’t–they’ll find something good enough somewhere else and leave you behind.

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  1. Justin Gardner says:

    The idea that people will go for the most immedate form of news is SO true, but something I never really realized until it was put that way. Probably why RSS is so popular and gaining…

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