Visit to NPR and bonus powerpoint deck

The visit to NPR was great. For someone who listens to All Things Considered and Morning edition on a regular basis, getting the tour was a kick (and I LOVE radio stations.)
Even better, there were about 60 NPR folks–from the online group and other parts of the company–come to listen to my talk about digital media and emerging technology tools/companies and share their own ideas.
The group had some good observations and we connected.
Afterwards, I talked with some of the senior staff about ideas they were considering.
I won’t spill them here, but will say this group is interested in podcasting, understands tags and tag clouds (at least some do), and is very aware they need to distribute their content beyond the browser (mobile, anyone?)
Went off to the Metro feeling good, especially after the catch-up lunch my old friend and had post talk. B has spent significant time in Asia–Bali, Vietnam, Thailand–it was inspiring to hear his stories and made me want to head East the next time I take time off.
Bonus: If you would like a copy of the powerpoint deck I used in my talk–on Emerging Technology and Digital Media, new technologies and companies to watch, email me at mernit at gmail dot com and I will send you one.

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  1. Gary Hodges says:

    So, If I wine and dine you and stroke your ego, will you give me good “blog press”? Where is your unbiasedness? This is my 2nd comment to your site and 1st visit. I don’t even remember how I got here? Even so, I also noticed you put in a plug for your own business. When does TRUE reporting take an altruistic bent? Can you honestly say you don’t hold anything back? I just started blogging and its on poetry, I pay for it myself, I don’t advertise and I express myself freely. Will it take off; poetry rarely does, but I am expressing myself freely. I may start another blog on Genealogy, it won’t be commercial driven either. When it comes to politics, whether its industry or economic related there will be ‘opinions’ and often we won’t agree. So, what to do? I say express yourself, tune in, don’t drop out and do what moves you. But, please allow me to do the same. I don’t mean to bad mouth you or your site. I do see some items of interest and value and I’ll ignore the biasedness, but will utilize what you have to say, weigh it on other research and then make my own decisions; this is called discernment. I really think blogs were started from an altruistic foundation, and that is/was to present web content in a standard way so all that do have access to the Internet don’t have to worry about complying with IE version whatever or..JAVA version this or that. Plus it enables those that are physically challenged, in some ways, to use and get out of the Internet what we all, mostly use it for; information that doesn’t cost anything.

  2. susan mernit says:

    Gary, I am not a reporter, I am a coinsultant with a blog–and with the ethics of a journalist. But no, you can’t wine and dine me to get good press, especially when I go talk at your company for free as a collegial thing to do.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Gary Hodges says:

    You wouldn’t talk at my company for free! :) My point is you seem to hold back. Furthermore, I see that your very well recognized. Congratulations, I wish you well. Hey maybe I should just surf around the net and find things to talk about and sound like I’m important or full of wisdom. No, actually I think I’ll just write poetry.
    Oh!, the first precept of Journalism Ethics is; “Seek Truth and Report It”. This is what I meant by you seem to be not very attentive, maybe its lately, I don’t know you or your site much. Maybe your distracted and not able to give this your undivided attention to write about it…at this time? I don’t know….?

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