BlogHer: what tips should we share with this group?

So BlogHer registration has closed–the conference is FULL, with a waiting list starting (wow).
Julie Leung and I are leading a session on Blogging 101–we’re kicking discussion off this week on
getting started, getting links, tools, finding your voice, etc.
For all you old hands, what tips should we share with this group?

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  1. Koan Bremner says:

    In no particular order, these are the things which I wish I’d known to think about, before I became aware of them (typically, the hard way!)…
    * If using a free service (e.g. Blogger) be aware of any limitations of that service (e.g. inability to store images, at least when I was using it, or to categorise posts); i.e. evaluate more than one such service before deciding;
    * Identify (maybe via Google) to which services or products you can easily migrate your blog, should you ever decide to migrate; most will tell you how to migrate *in*, but are hesitant to help you migrate *out* (funny, that!);
    * If you spend no other money, consider investing in a domain name which you can point to your blog; that way, if you ever *do* migrate, you can do it the easy way, by pointing your domain name at the new server;
    * Think about comments in advance; if you don’t ever want to allow comments, no problem. But if you do (or might) be aware that not all services or products are equal in their richness of support for comments; either as the blog owner (read: dealing with comment spam, allowing comment moderation) or as a blog reader (read: subscribing to an RSS feed of comments, either for the entire blog, or a particcular post, or email notification of comments, even combined feeds of blog post and associated comments); for a comments junkie like me, this is a major consideration;
    * If such things matter to you, think about how you’ll find out how people find you; does your software or service show you how people arrived at your blog, whether they stayed long, whether they’re reading in a browser or aggregator, etc.;
    * If you plan to dabble with podcasting, videocasting or moblogging, figure out how supportive of those options your service or product is;
    * Decide on your comments policy, i.e. which kind of comments you’ll allow, and which you won’t;
    * Decide on your personal and content policy; what you’ll reveal, and what you won’t.
    If I think of any more, I’ll get back to you!
    Cheers, Koan

  2. Debra says:

    When I started blogging, I need help understanding how to do the HTML to customize my blog. (I still need help with that).
    Other things (in no particular order):
    I also wanted to know about uploading photos. (I do a process blog on my art… and my life). and multiple photos.
    Trackback… I wish I knew what it was and how to use it.
    RSS feeds.
    Ways to keep updated on the blogs I read. (blogroll is undependable for me… Bloglines works but it took time to figure out).
    How to attract more people to the blog.

  3. Nancy White says:

    Beware of messy URLs
    Get a buddy
    It starts easy, but gets technologically complex fast. And that’s when the fun starts.
    Blog regularly
    Do it because you want to, not because you should.

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