Free: Microsoft Social Computing Symposium Presos

Korby Parnell’s posted some presos from the recent Microsoft Social Computing Symposium
His top picks:

  1. Backchannels: Power and the Active Audience — by Liz Lawley and Richard Hodkinson
  2. Visualizing Social Interactions and Collaboration History by Fernanda Viegas
  3. From Trees to Tags — by David Weinberger
  4. Tesla, Tagging for the DeskTop — by Matt McLaurin of Microsoft Research
  5. Exploring the Social Institutional Dimensions of MoSoSo Design: Are Smart Mobs Institutions for Collective Action? — by Howard Rheingold

Good stuff–thanks, Korby.

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  1. barb dybwad says:

    Yikes — unfortunately it looks like you can only view these with IE 6/Windows. When I try with Safari or Firefox/Mac, I get the following prompt:
    “Do you want to upgrade your browser
    with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0?”
    To which I reply with resounding “no!” ;)

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