Noted: Media rants and…

Jamie Court: LA Times “blogotorials” are bad, bad, bad–“The paper is concocting a Frankenstein’s monster of new and old media ? call it blogotorial.”
WSJ: Newspaper reporters writing blogs are okay, maybe–“Some worry, though, that newspapers put their reputations at risk by letting reporters blog.”
National Journal: “…the truth is that most bloggers are just happy being bloggers. Instead of being part of the Fourth Estate, they are part of something new. I call it Estate 4.5 — ”
Also, launches– editors say they will get in old car and roadtrip coastline (west) to promote citizen journalism site (that’s cool)
JD Lasica writes up a visit to a mobile computing conference at IBM Labs.
Global Voices has a new look and more feeds-this is a must-read for international blogging and news.