OPA: How to make web sites work (better)

The Online Publisher Association’s just released a new study on online consumer experience–which they call user engagement.
This is the kind of thing the 5ive team likes to focus on–that space between UI/interactive design and editorial positioning/content strategy.
Some highlights:
Users value sites that are perceived as
? A credible, safe place
? Easy to use
? Makes me smarter
? Looks out for people like me
? Entertains and absorbs me
Two types of (many) sites that fit these critera are sites that are a regular part of a user’s day and those that are treats for time out and relaxation–the study has some nice user quotes about each type:
Regular part of my day

  • This is one of the sites I always go to anytime I am surfing the Web.
  • I like to have this Web site open on my desktop while I am doing other things.
  • There are features on this site that I regularly follow.

My personal timeout

  • It?s a treat for me.
  • Going to this site improves my mood, makes me happier.
  • I like to go to this site when I am eating or taking a break.

The whole study is worth a look.

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  1. Yegor Kuznetsov says:

    How to make wen sites work better?
    Check out a cool story by Tracy Gill (Target Marketing) on e-commerce Web site optimization with WebSurveyor software:
    Case Study: Online Survey Facilitates Customer Feedback
    By Tracy A. Gill
    Problem: Robeez Footwear wanted real-time access to its customers.
    Solution: Design an online survey program.
    Result: Feedback helps Robeez optimize its e-commerce Web site.

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