Web 2.0: It’s about connecting the dots–no, we ARE the dots

Jeff Jarvis, Susan Crawford and others have been writing eloquently about the mesh of links and relationships at the heart of Web 2.0. I look at it as introducing the individual–as a reader, content producer and plain ol’human–into the center of the diagram.
For that reason, this quote from Dave Weinberger‘s
Small Pieces Loosely Joined says alot to me:

“By removing the central control points, the Web enabled a self-organizing, self-stimulated growth of contents and links on a scale the world has literally never before experienced.

And, most important, the Web is binding not just pages but us human beings in new ways. We are the true ‘small pieces’ of the Web, and we are loosely joining ourselves in ways that we’re still inventing.”
Isn’t that the biggest shift?
That these new technologies are both empowering traditional forms of communications–storytelling and capturing images, for example–AND creating new kinds of connections, attitudes, and experiences?
(Not to mention new businesses.)