51% of all US journos read blogs, 1% say they’re credible

Editors’ Weblog: “According to the latest Annual Euro RSCG Magnet and Columbia University Survey of the Media, 51% of journalists, combared to 11% of all US internet users (according to eWeek), are using weblogs regularly and 28% rely on them for their daily reporting. By contrast, only 1% of journalists believe in their credibility.”
Susan sez: This says something to me about why main stream media is disconnected and screwed up. We know not all 5 million bloggers are trying to be accurate–we know they’re not–so doesn’t that make the journos behavior and belief rather conflicted?
Or maybe it just proves all these studies are ridiculous.

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  1. Steve Shu says:

    I wonder if this could be interpretted that journalists use blogs for lead generation and getting in the ballpark for new information. Real fact checking and sniffing out credibility needs to be done 99%+ of the time …

  2. Randy says:

    Sounds like wishful thinking on Steve’s part. My guess is that Susan’s right (yay!) and journalists are screwed up. They don’t believe the blogs are accurate, but 28% use them in daily reporting? Why would they? Because they reinforce the bias the journalist is trying to portray, and the journalists – or at least 28% of them – aren’t interested in facts. Fact checking? Are you kidding? Wait until you are the subject of a story, and see if you think they have checked the facts!

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