Big Media: Piling onto the blogging bubble?

Enjoy Matt Welch’s acerbic, accurate commentary on how big media forces are piling on the blogging bubble.
A snarky– but shrewd– snippet on pile-on Queen Adriana Huffington:
Besides celebrity bandwagon jumpers, Huffington is bringing to the scrappy blogosphere three hallmarks of a bubble mentality: media hype, staffing bloat (including offices on both coasts), and actual investment capital. Her financial partner, fittingly, is Kenneth Lerer, a former executive vice president of the Internet boomÂ’s last great hurrah, the company formerly known as AOL Time Warner. (After Nasdaq collapsed within months of that merger, the companyÂ’s stock tanked, and now it is once again known as Time Warner. America Online has been demoted to a subset.)”
More side-splitting humor here.
(Via Steve Rubel)