China Media Watch, again

From Global Voices:, formerly known as Blogchina, is the largest Blog Service Provider in China, with 2 million blog accounts. However some Chinese bloggers have been very critical of what Bokee did and the word ‘Boke’, Chinese translation of ‘Blog’, which Bokee has been trying to promote, was a highly controversial term in Chinese Blogosphere. It’s quite impossible to understand the culture of Chinese blogosphere without mentioning the argumentation concerned with Bokee. (More here.)
People’s Daily Online: “China printed 98.6 million copies of daily newspapers a day in 2004, the largest circulation in the world, and newspapers has become one of China’s fastest growing industries, according to a report issued by the General Administration of Press and Publication (GAPP).”
In other words, last year, China’s daily newspapers accounted for 14.5 percent of the world’s total, which means China owns one in every seven dailies in the world. –The total sales value of China’s daily newspapers last year amounted to 25.3 billion yuan (3.1 billion US dollars), accounting for 0.19 percent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product.