Community Publishing: Bakotopia 2 goes into beta release

The new Bakotopia‘s just gone into beta release and developer Dan Pacheo has the scoop.
I’ve played with it a bit and love the identity/profile features.
Dan writes:
“This next version is even more about persona. It has several types of user profile ratings (including the ability to rate bands based on how many beers they’re worth to you), profile guestbooks, and a liberal sprinkling of user profiles throughout the site. In addition, if you have a profile photo and you sign on, your profile pic shows up right on the home page, as well as right alongside anything you post and in sidebars.”
How cool is that?
When it comes to community publishing, the Bakersfield folks continue to delight.

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  1. Joe Zekas says:

    How cool is that?
    Not cool, if you’re basing cool on attracting users.
    Almost no one, it seems, has used the original version since its launch.
    Actual user posts are as scarce as minorities at a newspaper convention.
    The persona of Bakotopia appears to be lonely and near invisible.

  2. Ray Thorpe says:

    “How cool is that?
    When it comes to community publishing, the Bakersfield folks continue to delight.”
    “Not cool, if you’re basing cool on attracting users.”
    But if you are sucking up to get a consulting gig, you have to say it’s cool!!

  3. susan mernit says:

    Joe and Ray, you are both correct in starting the current service is thin in users–but I would suppose that’s one of the reasons for the new release, which has some cool features.
    In terms of tech innovation and development, these folks are investing in improvements–let’s see if the community grows or stays flat…How does CraigsList do in Bako?
    As for sucking up, Ray, I write about dozens of companies and find there’s no point to trading off a personal point of view for some imaginary *sucking up* to get clients–it just ain’t worth it and clients are just like rest of us–they aren’t seduced by flattery.
    Anyway, you’re making good points about the emptiness of the site–wonder what the Bako folks think about that?

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