Eating at the beach

Saturday night, my friends Jill, Gab and I cooked up a feast. Here’s what we made ourselves–

Grilled fresh corn with chili-lime butter

Chopped heirloom tomato salad with scallion and fresh mint

Barbequed soft shell crabs

Grilled bockwurst

We drank a nice South American red wine called Malbeck (?) and finished off the meal with chilled red flame grapes, home-made brownies, and Dreyer’s mint chocolate chip ice cream

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  1. Jeff Clavier says:

    Malbec is a grape varietal grown in France and used in Bordeaux blends. It is also grown in Argentina, where some spectacular red wines have recently been created.
    The Malbec page on Wikipedia tells more

  2. enoch choi says:

    ymmy… malbec… plummy and now found more in argentina than france due to phyloxera

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