Michael Parekh: Smarter ways to sell paid content

Michael Parekh’s got a tremendous post on how vendors of business intelligence, analytical reports, investment analyses, etc. might create a better user experience–and sell more product–by adopting some of the ways of Web 2.0. Specifically, Parekh suggests vendors:

  • Allow users to rate studies offered for sale if they’ve been paying customers.
  • Allow comments on the various reports from all users.
  • Sort all the reports at least by some of the variables mentioned above.
  • Allow users to tag the reports.

And so on–Parekh says “These steps and others, would be a major differentiation from how premium content has been sold online to date, mostly through “closed” systems. Let users get a sense of what they might be buying, especially when they might be paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars for it.”
Me like.