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Richard MacManus has a great post about blogging–and analytic–(younger) talent in Blogland–He’s got a good set of names there–He mentions “Phil Pearson, Charlie Wood, Anastasia Goodstein, Lilia Efimova, Andy Baio, The TechCrunch Crew, Charles Coxhead, Tim Yang, Dina Mehta, Alex Barnett, Josh Porter, Tom Coates, Janet Tokerud, Lucas Gonze… “ all with blogs well worth following.
Sage Osterfeld at BluntId’s got alot to say–I’ll be checking him out this week.
Jason Looney offers Jason Kottke and other A-listers snack cakes in exchange for links–is there a theme emerging?
Lisa Williams: California the Day After BlogHer. This little movie is so funny!

Update: Sifry’s new State of the Blogosphere note from Technorati

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  1. Gordon says:

    Richards list is excellent, a couple I read already but some good pointers.
    Be interesting to revisit it in a few years and see if some of the “Brat Pack” have replaced the current A-list…

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