(Some) Upcoming events I plan to be at

A partial list of some cool stuff happening–
Sept 6th, Emeryville, CA, eBIGMary Hodder leads a discussion on measuring the blogosphere
Sept. 20, UC Berkeley, CA, MGM vs. Grokster: Denise Howell, Hank Barry Greg Beattie debate
Sept 24-25, SF, CA, Webzine –this is going to be fun
October 4-5 NY, NY, , We Media: Behold the power of us, great conference!
October 17-18, NY., NY BlogOnChris Shipley and team make it happen again–I am moderating a panel–more tk.
Also thinking about Web2.0–my friend Richard MacManus is coming in from NZ, which will be great, but it means flying back fast from NYC.

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  1. Scott Rafer says:

    get a whole pile of us on the 8:35pm on JetBlue to Oakland on October 5th? I’ve already got my ticket.

  2. susan mernit says:

    LOL Scott–good idea!

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