AOL & Google: Analyst Lauren Fine says maybe

More fuel to the Google can’t let AOL go to MSN discussion reported by Paid Content, who quote Merrill Lynch media analyst Lauren Fine: “We believe it is entirely possible that Google could consider making a bid for AOL as well. This would certainly protect Google’s revenues from AOL as well as enable Google to keep 100 percent of the search advertising revenues as well as gain a significant amount of content. ” Fine’s focus isn’t on Google alone. “Should such a deal between AOL and MSN materialize, it could pose serious competition for Yahoo as well as Google in terms of audience reach and comprehensiveness of content. According to August comScore data, AOL had 88 million unique visitors and 26 billion in page views and MSN had 100 million unique visitors and 18 billion in page views, in combination exceeding Yahoo’s reach of 122 million unique visitors and pretty much matching Yahoo’s 42 billion page views. In addition, this would give a significant boost to MSN’s search engine.”
Fun, hmmn.
Another wild card thought: Would Murdoch or Diller take a peek at buying AOL? Either of those scenarios would suggest we were in a bigger bubble than the last one.

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  1. Wil Schroter says:

    It’s funny to see AOL get courted by Google considering AOL basically bought TW with Monopoly money at the time (and Google is doing the same).

  2. Greg Gershman says:

    While it seems possible, Google/AOL has a funny feeling. The corporate cultures are so entirely different. Google hasn’t yet purchased a large company, but now that they have the cash, it’s possible. It’d be interesting to see how they integrate something the size of AOL.

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