Bob Cauthorn on newspaper business cuts

Bob Cauthorn scred on the decline of newspapers and the (complacency) elephant in the room. Favorite snippet (the whole piece is worth a read–and applies not just to newspaper businesses):
“You need brains now to save newspapers. Active brains. Big ones. With fresh ideas and no fear.”
” What if newspapers were to become product focused rather than brand focused? The old modes of thinking will crumble. The print problem and the digital opportunity will be viewed as separate, but entwined, issues.

Digital media will be recognized for exactly what it is: a full medium in its own right, with its own internal logic, unique advantages, specific shortcomings and opportunities. Newspaper companies will begin to ask the proper questions about digital media, instead of simply mumbling about cannibalization and print.”

Susan sez: Is the tipping point approaching–or are we just realizing we’ve passed it? (I think the latter.)