Katrina giving: It’s gonna take more than one shot

Erin at Dress A Day has some smart thoughts about how to help survivors of Katrina, and she says it’s going to be about helping poor people make it through a season of rising gas prices:
“But — poor people, just as poor as those left behind to suffer in New Orleans, are going to be hit by a gas price hurricane, right where you live, wherever you live.
High gas prices are going to take a big chunk out of the pockets of the people who can least afford it. Rising gas prices are going to mean hungry and cold people all winter long.
So, please, give what money you can to Katrina relief now. But please also make a resolution to give what you can to your local charities, now and all winter long. I’ve just put a repeating reminder in my calendar on the 29th of each month for the next year, to remember to see what I can give on that day. Call it Katrina Donation Day.”
Erin’s got a good point–maybe it’s time to start saving the cost of those gourmet coffees and muffins and passing it on.
Bonus: Good list of places to give from Go Fug Yourself