Misquoted by the press

So I had one of those watershed moments this morning, when I discovered someone I like and work with put quotes from me into a story he published without ever letting me know I was being interviewed, never checking the quotes, and then getting both the quote and the attribution/relationship completely wrong.
I’ve written and asked for a correction, but I have to say I am amazed that someone I regard as professional would do that. Despite all the slime (about not being journalists) that bloggers have thrown at them, this feels far more sloppy than anything any blogger I know has done.
Gives me a small taste of what others experience, say, weekly?

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  1. Randy says:

    Didn’t I say a week or so ago: “Wait until you are the subject of a story, and see if you think if they [journalists] checked the facts!”?
    I recall an instance when I was being interviewed by a reporter for a major financial newspaper. To reinforce a point I was making, I showed her a forecast I had prepared as part of a contract, and was therefore not for publication. I made it as clear as humanly possible that this forecast was for background purposes only, was off the record, not for publication, you name it. Not only did she quote it verbatim – naming the very angry client for whom the forecast had been prepared – it became the basis for a series of stories over the next two to three weeks. But I can guarantee you that there was NOTHING particularly original or earthshaking about my view, no particular compelling reason – not even the one of a good story – to violate the promises I thought were being made to me. JOURNALISTS DON’T CARE. They abuse people whenever it suits them, even just for their own convenience.

  2. Randy says:

    Talk about Ray COMPLETELY missing the point! – and to what purpose? To take a cheap shot at Susan? Gosh wow we’re impressed!

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