Smart Mobs: Do you know what a neighbornode is? Hint: They’re hyperlocal. (Via networked performance)
Steve Shu helps BizWeek launch an MBA area. Readers can get blogs, worry about grad school, and then talk about getting hired (sounds like a plan for premium services)
Also–BizWeek’s got a new podcast series tied to cover stories–This magazine keeps getting it right, more or less.
We Media fellowship recipients: The October 5th conference has awarded 15 fellowships and the list is fascinating and diverse.
Amy Gahran: So what is citizen journalism and and why should news orgs care? (Good, pragmatic tips here.)
Local CA bonus Noted: MAS, a new magazine launching in the very small, very social-media hot zone of California called Bakersfield, has a nice new website/community built on the Bakomatic platform (a great example of reskinning a product, folks).
Old style publisher E&P comments here.