Rollyo launches

Gary Price has a good write-up of Rollyo, a new tool to organize and narrow searches and provide focused results. More comments from Rex Hammond, Steve Rubel, Library Clips, and founder Dave Pell, among others.
Susan sez: There are other roll your own search tools in development, with more launches coming this month. Will be interesting to see user adoption for these services (translation: I think they are neat…will a broader audience use them as well?)

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  1. Joe Smith says:

    Thanks Susan. I’ve tried Rollyo and think it’s very easy to use – and very useful, too. The only complaint I have is that Rollyo automatically adds an “all web” search to the custom searches it creates. This sometimes forces a person to type in extra words to refine the search, which runs counter to the idea of a topical search.
    BTW, I found your post via a BlogPulse highlight page:
    My full review:

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