Wikipedia grows as news resource ?The Wikipedia, which has surged this year to become the most popular reference site on the Web, is fast overtaking several major news sites as the place where people swarm for context on breaking events.?
Reuters says:
“Wikipedia recently attracted 22.3 percent of users searching for information on “Gaza Strip,” tying the CIA World Factbook. It has drawn five times more U.S. traffic than Google News, Yahoo News or BBC, according to Hitwise analyst Bill Tancer.

Similarly, in April, Wikipedia tied with as the No. 2 most visited site among U.S. Web users searching for details on the new Pope Benedict., a Catholic encyclopedia, was the most visited site among people seeking to learn more about Joseph Ratzinger, according to Hitwise data.”

Susan sez: We’re surely seeing this with Katerina–Wikipedia as a core asset to get definitive information from an always-open, participatory database of info.