Will MSN buy AOL? Or will Google?

NY Post reports MSN is talking seriously about acquiring AOL and folding it into the mix. However, the reporter says: “ Talks are most advanced with Microsoft, Time Warner management’s preferred partner, but the media giant has also had discussions with both Yahoo! and Google over a sale or venture with AOL, according to a source close to Time Warner.”
Susan sez: Given the long history AOL has had with Google, and Google’s interest in building out their network, I would not rule out a *surprise* purchase or investment in AOL by Google.
After all, AOL has built a terrific server network and infrastructure/backbone over the years, and that would be a strong asset for Google–as would be the millions of pages they could monetize directly.
And they’ll have the war chest to do it, won’t they?
(Side note to Google execs: Don’t do it, you have no idea what you would be getting into!)

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  1. knaik says:

    Google will probably buy AOL, because if they dont Microsoft will. Especially after Microsoft announced that MSN messanger would partner up with Yahoo messanger. Google can’t afford MS to take over yet another block of its market. Google is only talking about buying its content services not its subscription services. So until Google steps up to the plate and turns AOL to GOL (or something), most users won’t really notice a difference other than more text ads and better search results and such.
    I dont want to see it happen, but I think it will.

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