Announcing Beta Fridays

Lisa Wiliams and I are launching a new podcasting series called Beta Fridays.
Every week we will talk about our experiences test driving new software/tools–and give you some on the ground impressions.
If you have an interesting Web 2.0 or related tool or product you think we should look at, please let us know!
Beta Fridays debuts Friday, November 4th.

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  1. Saurier Duval says:

    If you ever run out of ideas, take a look at my Museum of Modern Betas.

  2. Dimitar Vesselinov says:

    Cool! Why don’t you work with Techcrunch?

  3. john furrier says:

    Congrats! Go out and have some fun and creat some great podcasts.
    Why don’t you work with PodTech too :-)

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