Attack of the splogs–time to take action

There’s an awful lot of splogging going on out there–little bits of this blog–and thousands of others–are being picked up and recycled as bits in utter crap. J eff Jarvis has a good post on this and some links out. His (wise) conclusion: ” Google needs to both fix Blogspot and share its secrets for ignoring blogspam.”

Chris Pirillo, Dave Winer, Tim Bray, Dan Gillmor, Allen Tsai weigh in as well.
I like the Russ Beattie approach–cut off their AdSense $$.
Russ sez: “It should be very clear, if you create a site that?s created solely to harvest links to generate traffic for advertising, then you get to be sued for damages.”


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  1. Greg says:

    The latest round of blog spam is not AdSense based (see – they aren’t using AdSense). They are posting to 1) sneak in links to sites they want to do SEO on. I doubt they are directly targeting the blog search engines, except perhaps Google/Yahoo, but that is a side affect.

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