CNET Top 100 blogs= 5 women writers

Just looking at the CNET list of 100 blogs and noticed that of the 100, just 5 have a woman as a principal author.
While there are a lot of REALLY good blogs here, I’m surprised the editors at CNET weren’t able to come up with a wider range of voices.
Chris Nolan, Mary Hodder, Halley Suitt, Shelley Powers, Rebecca McKinnon, Heather Green at Blogspotting…that’s just off the top of my head.
Boys, boys, boys...I know everyone at CNET is not a white male…but is that what you are all pretending to be?
P.S. I am just as tired as the rest of you at repeating this where are the women rant for the 10,000th time–but hey, youguys can–and must– do better.

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  1. Staci D. Kramer says:

    Not that it changes the numbers very much, the list is off by one — me. Rafat and I are both listed as “authors” in the listing.

  2. Matt Terenzio says:

    What are lists anyway, especially for a long tail product like Blogs. You can say something is more popular. You can say I like this one best, or you can say here is a random selection of 100 Blogs.
    My list would not have very many women. Why? I have no idea. But I’m certainly not going to add woman just to even my list out.

  3. Mable Yee says:

    Good point. As it was discussed at the recent Blogher conference, there’s a new metric the industry’s using that ties popularity, success to number of links to blogs i.e. Technorati Top 100, etc. There are a ton of women bloggers, they just may not be perceived as blogging on topics of interest i.e. politics, technology, money, power, etc. There’s movement underfoot to look at other ways of measuring the stack rankings of blogs by things like topics and content links which could address the disparity.
    I’ve just launched my blog targeted to CEOs of start ups and tech companies: certainly not the traditional topics that women blog about. It’s up to me and my team to get the word out, the traffic up and ultimately help the community I want to serve which happens to be primarily dominated by males. Again, we have to do the heavy lifting….I’m not counting on the guys to help us out.

  4. Anita Campbell says:

    I am listed in the Top 100 and I am a woman. RFID Weblog (, under the Cutting Edge category. I’ve been blogging there as the ONLY author (except for the rare guest blogger) since the blog’s inception in February 2004.
    People wonder how the blogs were picked — the introduction says they are “tech” blogs. The “tech limitation” may explain why some women bloggers were not included.
    – Anita

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