Enjoying surf and turf on Microsoft’s dime, Halley thinks about how blogging’s changed for her

“…We all wondered Monday night if these newly arrived MEN WITH MONEY will twist, divert or blow up the bridges on this natural path of innovation we have been walking in the blogosphere. We made editorial decisions and built blogs based on passion — because that’s all we had in the beginning — when there was no money and the need to amuse and entertain one another was the key motivator in blogging.
You could hack together any old thing and be a complete maniac and blog any old shit and be perfectly stupid but fun, because nobody was watching … or only a few of us were. It was a culture of freedom we all miss, since it’s already gotten less free around here. We were talking about how this sense of celebrity many of us find coming down around us, feels just plain weird and constraining, makes it harder to just be yourself on the blog page and is not always welcome. It’s disingenuous to say the fame part doesn’t have it’s perqs, but the reason we’re here is because we were here when blogging wasn’t cool, wasn’t well-known, wasn’t lucrative and never promised to make you famous.
All of us had to answer those questions in the early days, “What the hell is a blog? Why do you do this for no money? What’s a trackback?” on and on, and now this onrush of fans and supporters makes you think, where were you back in the good old days when we were barely making it?”
–Halley Suitt, Halley’s Comment