to incorporate AOL’s AIM

Another announcement that new fashion and style site–who have just launched an additional horde of fashion and style blogs, all ecommerce enabled–will integrate the AIM service into the Glam site.
This provokes some interesting thoughts:
How does AIM fit into AOL’s new strategy–clearly, they see it as key–and what does that say about which audience segments they want to retain/consider most lucrative?(Hint: 13-24 might be a start..get’em then and try to keep’em later.)

  • How many more deals will we see with AIM embedded–and what kind of promotion or branding is AOL offering to bring these guys in-it’s clearly either a revenue share or a customer acquisition metric that the two companies are working with.
  • Will AOL want to incorporate AIM presence into all the US and international editions of Engadget and all the other Weblogs Inc properties they just acquired?

And does that mean that AOL might, for the pleasure of those of us in the community, make a Jason Calcanis superbuddy?
(One can only hope.)