Google(Base) gobbles everything

Some swirl around Google Base and a spare little screenshot from the GPlex via New Google Blog, Seems like this new product will take all sorts of data from everyone and organize and structure it and then present it back in Google results–in other words, who needs web servers, Craigslist, eBay, or whatever when you can use Google search tools to find whatever was added to the soup–and make Google a few pennies in ad revenue at the same time.
The mind boggles–or would that be goggles?
Here’s another screenshot of a template for real estate listings.And an email from Google to Gary Price about the new service. And speculation about Google’s introduction of a micropayments service at the same time.–and yet more screen shots and Terms of Service.
Wouter Schut says the following item types can be selected; Course Schedules, Events and Activities, Housing, Jobs, News and Articles, People Profiles, Products, Reference Articles, Reviews, Services, Travel, Vehicles, and Wanted Ads.
Susan sez: This is starting to feel like a chapter in a sci-fi movie call Invasion of the Killer Tools–thing is, Google’s technology rocks–but their ability to dominate the market, disintermediate or remove the middleman and create new user paradigms is both amazingly great and kinda disruptively scary. Wow.
Update: AP has a story, and the WSJ too.

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  1. Cornelius says:

    I think a lot of people miss the big picture on this thing, but yes they do seem to be after total world domination…

  2. Mike Hogan says:

    Newspapers have battled to defend the $19B U.S. classified ads business from the likes of Craigslist and eBay, but Googlebase is their worst nightmare. By providing a form-based front end for both posting and searching, they’ll get richer information and it will be much more searchable than anything else out there. Combining this with Google’s brand and traffic makes Googlebase a serious competitor. We built a similar solution, a “mini-googlebase” that we now sell to newspapers. Newspapers can only stay in the game if they embrace free classified ads, leverage their communities ties and leverage the printed versions as well to drive adoption.

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