Yahoo News: PayPal buys Verisign’s payment processing business for $370 million; guess that offsets the recent purchases.
Yahoo News Search: the beta.
Chris Pirillo launches tagging meta search. TechCrunch reviews.
Steve Gillard wants Jason Calcanis to distribute $$ to his bloggers, post AOL $25MM sale. He writes: “Personally, I think AOL bought a bag of air larger than It all hangs on the writers like movies hang on their stars, and if the writers leave, what do you have? Nothing. ”
Brad Neuberg: “
I started working at the Internet Archive this week on a month long consulting project. We are building a very exciting, AJAX project that unfortunately I can’t blog about until it’s done. It’s so cool to be working with one of my heros, Brewster Kahle.”
VC Fred Wilson recommends MediaEater.
Project Manager Leaves Suicide PowerPoint Presentation | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source (Via a whole lotta nothing)